I just wanted to follow up and let you know I stayed at the Wyndham in Cenerton last week for a couple days on business and there was a crew there from MCC working at the new Simmons Facility. I just wanted to let you know that your team was a great representation of MCC; courteous and professional; what you expect out of anyone wearing your name. I’ve been associated with Rick and MCC for 40 years now and wanted you to know that this team is what I have always been accustom to with your company. Good people representing your company with dignity and professionalism out in the community. You should be proud that you are training your teams to set the bar of expectations at a high level when out in the view of our communities. Makes me proud to know I have worked with a group that takes pride in how they represent your brand! I just wanted you to know some positive feedback to share with your team. Recognition for doing a good job and representing you company with pride is and always will be important and it’s simply the right way to build a business or brand!

Clell L. DeakinsVP of Operations, Natural State Beef Company, LLC

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the initial tenant improvement you did for us all the continued support you have given our Springdale lab including the most recent minor remodel. As you and I discussed, we do these laboratory tenant improvement projects all over the
country. To date, we have completed 17 locations in 13 states and one providence in Canada. As such, we are exposed to a lot of contractors from all parts of the country. I want to say that MCC is one of the best we have worked with.
The excellent experience started with the fair time and materials demo work inside the building, continued through the final lab completion and then many hours of support over the years for small changes and remodels. We are proud to have partnered with MCC and appreciate the professionalism and dedication your team has shown. You all exemplify the “can do” attitude that is so highly sought after in the construction industry today.

Tim SantyVice President of Operations, Food Safety Net Services

Thank you for all MCC has done for us at Northwest Arkansas National Airport. For the last 8 years, with both our full service contract and many projects, we have found your service technicians to be extremely helpful with great aptitude and attitude. Looking forward to many more years continuing our partnership.

Phillip HarringtonMaster HVAC Technician, Northwest Arkansas National Airport

I have worked with MCC since 1998 on millions of dollars in successful projects. Every project ended with success. There was no doubt in my mind that if MCC was doing a big project over the weekend, we would start on time and key people were there to take care of small things. There was never a question of who was the customer and what the expectations were.  MCC was there to make it right and be right on time. Promises made were promises kept.

Recently, we selected a team of MCC and McClelland Engineers to work with our team at the Springdale Water Utilities Wastewater Facility. MCC had the right skill set to help us manage the project, move product, install the dryer and boilers, install custom conveying and advanced electrical engineering and interface with the Huber dryer. To see this facility and the operation is truly impressive and a testimony to excellence and craftsmanship.

The most important thing MCC brought to the table was its people and the honesty and integrity they possess in their dealings. Trust is one of the most important factors in a business relationship.  I trust MCC to make it right and keep their promises, every time.

Heath WardExecutive Director, Springdale Water Utilities

I am so thankful that Jake Barnes is on this project for us. He’s very solutions oriented and understands how important the project timeline is to us. Thanks for putting him on this one. He’s a great guy!

Mike AnzaloneOzark Natural Foods

I cannot begin without expressing my gratitude for all the wonderful and diligent work you have done to help us better understand our most troubling, but very important, piece of equipment.

Pearl PrineStability Testing Coordinator, Rockline Industries

I am very appreciative and impressed with the work MCC performed, the team’s quick response and great customer service. The MCC emergency service team showed up, and I am glad we are a new partner with them. I look forward to a long-term partnership.

Chris KesterBentonville Parks & Recreation

During the trying times of the Corona Virus there is still work that must be done. Here at Rockline, we have a product that is very important to the public and is a necessity. Global Engineering takes safety to an extreme high for public safety and our employees, and I see the same with Multi-Craft Contractors. During the high demand times for our product, we had two large projects that needed to be done simultaneously, and in a time frame that seemed to be unimaginable. I have been at Rockline many years and have seen many contractors come and go during my tenure at Rockline. I have had 100% success and met the timeline with MCC every time.

Rick Watkins Eng. IIIProject Lead, Rockline Industries

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your team at MCC for your dedication in delivering these palletanks. Those six 400L tanks will be holding a potential COVID-19 vaccine by the first week in May. Your team making this happen on short notice is directly helping to fight the pandemic and I wanted to make sure the guys on the floor know this as well.

Peter D’AntonioKey Account Manager - Bioprocess Technologies - Sartorius Stedim North America Inc.

House of Webster has always had confidence in the MCC team’s ability to deliver success, and as expected, MCC delivered.  We appreciate the work MCC did to get our new tunnels installed over the last few weeks. We appreciate not only the work you provided on this project, but also all the other projects MCC has done in years past. We know we are not your biggest customer, but we feel we get treated as the most important one. I look forward to future projects as we grow and improve our facility.

Craig DuncanVice President, House of Webster