I have worked with MCC since 1998 on millions of dollars in successful projects. Every project ended with success. There was no doubt in my mind that if MCC was doing a big project over the weekend, we would start on time and key people were there to take care of small things. There was never a question of who was the customer and what the expectations were.  MCC was there to make it right and be right on time. Promises made were promises kept.

Recently, we selected a team of MCC and McClelland Engineers to work with our team at the Springdale Water Utilities Wastewater Facility. MCC had the right skill set to help us manage the project, move product, install the dryer and boilers, install custom conveying and advanced electrical engineering and interface with the Huber dryer. To see this facility and the operation is truly impressive and a testimony to excellence and craftsmanship.

The most important thing MCC brought to the table was its people and the honesty and integrity they possess in their dealings. Trust is one of the most important factors in a business relationship.  I trust MCC to make it right and keep their promises, every time.