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MCC has built a nationwide reputation for solving problems. We specialize in the lifting, heavy-rigging hauling of major components used in American industry. MCC’s rigging and crane service is committed to continuous improvement and to be the best heavy lift and heavy transport company. Our customers can expect MCC to aggressively pursue innovative ways to lower overall project costs and improve safety. MCC thrives on opportunities to solve your complicated and time-sensitive heavy rigging problems. The award winning combination of MCC’s innovation, engineering and technology offers customized solutions to your difficult lifting needs.

heavy lift cranes

With heavy lift cranes to 100 tons, MCC’S lifting services to tackle the largest jobs with award-winning rigging and engineering expertise.

innovative rigging

Our customized rigging services help you meet the challenges of time and space constraints, minimize downtime and lower project  cost.

machinery moving

MCC has both the expertise and specialized equipment to move heavy equipment safely, efficiently and in a timely manner.

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