Thank you for the fantastic job that you and your teams have been doing for our company lately, especially for the line #4 install. Your hard work and dedication has really helped us during this time in our company. We just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciated.

We know that the very minor problems that did come up, your teams were always on the spot getting the issues resolved. We also know that both your teams have worked tirelessly to keep our plant going. Not only did they complete excellent quality work and they did this all with a fantastic attitude and willing disposition.

We really appreciate all that you do.

Jerry DunlapHouse of Webster

During the past five years, as Electrical Engineer for the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville, I have worked closely with MCC on a variety of projects. They have supported the VAMC as a direct contractor for quick turnaround and emergency projects. I have also worked with MCC when they have been hired as a subcontractor on larger projects that I have been the COR (Contractors Officer Representative) on. This work has included medical gas lines, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and medium voltage electrical. My experience with MCC and their high voltage division, Skyline, has always been positive. I regularly recommend them when General Contractors ask about subcontractors that we prefer. They always attend to details and take pride in pleasing the owner, even when they are working indirectly as a subcontractor.

E. Lee Warren, P.E.Electrical EngineerVeterans Health Care System of the Ozarks

This letter is concerning the mechanical service that has been provided by Multi Craft services INC. Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport uses MCC for almost all of our mechanical needs from 400 ton centrifugal Chillers to controls, I have found them to be prompt and knowledgeable and operate with the up most integrity. We have a full service contract with MCC that covers our Chillers, Boilers, Air Handler Units, Cooling Tower, Variable Frequency Drives and all the DDC Controls that controls these devices.

MCC has gone above and beyond when fulfilling their contractual duties. One quick story, we lost a 40 horse variable frequency drive that controlled an air handler unit, MCC supplied a technician who stayed till 1: 00 in the morning working on the drive, after retrieving the drives diminished capabilities and getting the air handler back on line, MCC air freighted a new drive to us then programed the drives controls the next night when it arrived, with no additional cost to us above the contract. This is one of many stories we could tell you about their dedication and workmanship, I am very satisfied with their abilities, workmanship, and dedication.

Phillip HarringtonHVAC TechnicianNorthwest Arkansas Regional Airport

We have had many opportunities to work with Multi-Craft Contractors for many years now, specifically with Kelly Wheeler and his team.

We have utilized them for chiller change outs, HVAC issues, installation of drives, as well as using their refrigeration division on many occasions. Kelly has always been extremely responsive and helpful in assessing our needs, and coming up with a solution for the problem. Kelly has the knowledge in all of these areas, along with understanding the importance of safety in all aspects of their work. They are detailed oriented and customer driven,

Tyson has high expectations when it comes to safety, knowledge of our contractors, and the ability to provide fast, thorough, and economical solutions to what we are looking for. I would recommend Multi-Craft to deliver all of the above.

Todd GrimesSupervisor Corporate FacilitiesTyson Foods, Inc.

For over 12 years, Rockline Industries has utilized the services of Multi-Craft Contractors (MCC) in various capacities. MCC provides preventative maintenance services for all of our HVAC systems on the Springdale campus. They also frequently provide plumbing, electrical and fabrication services for large projects, renovations and planned maintenance. In addition, MCC is utilized as an emergency contractor to assist with unexpected system failures and associated repairs.

In recent years, MCC has been a key Rockline partner in the design, installation and commissioning of multiple phases of geo-thermal HVAC system installed at Rockline’s Booneville, AR manufacturing facility. A significant contributing factor to the success of this project was the technical capability, dedication and professionalism of the entire MCC project team from senior management to onsite fabricators.

At Rockline, we strive every day to be Best in Class and this can only be accomplished through working with suppliers that are Best in Class. Thank you MCC for being a World Class, Best in Class organization.

Gerry BuskenDirector, Global EngineeringRockline Industries

I have used Multi Craft Contractors for various HVACR, Electrical, Construction and Plumbing services for over 25 years. I can attest to their reputation for responsible performance, quality work and ethical business practice. Their craftsmen are knowledgeable in their respective trades and conduct themselves in a professional manner. MCC has been and will continue to be the first place I call when I have a job too big or beyond the abilities of our maintenance department.

Mark JasperFacilities Engineering ManagerKennametal, Inc

For almost 15 years Harps Food Stores has utilized the services of Multi-Craft Contractors for the majority of their HVAC/R needs. They provide refrigeration and air conditioning service for 19 major stores in the NW AR region and are the primary installing contractor for all new construction and remodel projects. In addition Multi-Craft has been a key part of our emergency response team. Regardless of the time of day or weather condition they are always available to provide temporary power solutions or assistance with refrigeration problems.

Multi-Craft is made up of a team of talented and dedicated professionals. From management to the craftsmen in the field it’s really their people who make the difference. They truly take pride in their work and they care about their clients. I always have confidence that they will perform at the highest level and complete their projects on time and on budget.

Brian JonesDirector of MaintenanceHarps Food Stores, Inc.

As we wind down the project in Harrison, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for all your hard work. This project is a tribute to your company’s ideals and reputation. When tough clients with tough projects come calling, a general contractor has to have confidence in the people he brings to the table. Why? Simply put; owners need answers and resolution to their problems and without a strong team behind them, no general contractor is going to be successful in meeting the demands successfully.

The project at Pace had so many challenges that I can’t enumerate on each of them, however, one thing in particular stood out to me. As an estimator struggling to stay ahead of a job which was being designed as we were working, I deeply appreciate MCC’s commitment to the process, your untold number of hours spent in design meetings, and your willingness to meet on site, even on short notice, to resolve details which needed to be included in the design and pricing. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through it without you. From the folks in MCC’ hats sweeping the floor at the jobsite, to the on-site management, project management, and estimating, you guys never missed a beat.

I sincerely thank all of you. In my ten years at Crossland, I can’t think of a job that didn’t somehow run better with MCC on site. You are all a pleasure to work with, every year, and every job; every day…you are simply the best in the business.

Michael JacksonEstimatorCrossland Construction Company

Multi-Craft Contractors has a great and long standing relationship with our company. MCC has performed any and all types to technical services that range from crane rental to complex cleanroom construction.

Of all the successful projects, MCC’s attention to their craft and quality has always stood out when compared to their competition. They are always a valued partner who offers solutions when challenges arise.

The Nanoscale Science and Engineering building at the University of Arkansas stands out as one of the more complex projects MCC has completed with CDI. This project contained class 1000 clean room construction, process water distribution, deionized water distribution, medical grade utility services, as well as many other stringent vibration, EMI and airflow project requirements not found in any other type of facility. The project’s success can be attributed to MCC’s partnership on the project.

John TeeterSenior Project ManagerCDI Contractors, LLC

It is a pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Multi-Craft. I have worked with several departments over the years; HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Fabrication and each time their people and results have been outstanding. I have found that Multi-Craft employs highly trained knowledgeable and motivated personnel. We feel confident that Multi-Craft will do an outstanding job to help your company meet your challenges as they have done for ours.

Jeff WindleDirector of Ballpark OperationsNWA Naturals Baseball Club