Division 22 Plumbing and Mechanical Contracting

Multi-Craft has the skills and resources to provide concept-to-completion support for industrial, commercial and institutional plumbing. We offer design-build services as well as complete construction services.

Our turnkey-service plumbing department can meet your needs, from replacing washers in the break room sink faucet to replacing boilers on a commercial heating system, from water heaters to backflow prevention.

We use specialized equipment to locate and repair problems in a plumbing system, sometimes before you even know that they exist. This is one of the advantages of having a preventive maintenance contract with us.

Our 24 hour drain cleaning and inspection services use the newest technology and the most experienced technicians to prevent or correct even the most serious drain problems.

Plumbing and Process Piping

  • Complete Division 22 Mechanical
  • Hydronic Piping
  • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Plumbing Systems
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Systems
  • Handling of All Phases of Pipe-Conveyed Materials:
    • Acetone
    • Argon
    • Chlorine
    • Compressed Air
    • Cooking Oils
    • Hydraulics
    • Latex
    • Medical Gases
    • Nitrogen
    • Resins
    • Steam

Certified Arc, Heli-Arc and M.I.G. Welding

  • ASME “U-Stamp” Holder
  • National Board “R-Stamp” Holder
  • Shielded metal arc (SMA) welding
  • Tungsten inert gas (T.I.G.) welding
  • Metal inert gas (M.I.G.) welding
  • Orbital welding
  • Welded, Threaded, Grooved, Mechanical, Pressfit and Chemically Bonded Piping