Fabrication and Millwright Division

For custom fabrication, Multi-Craft has an 80,000 square foot facility, with state-of-the-art equipment capable of cutting, breaking, shearing, forming, punching, bending, machining and welding. 

We are capable of fabricating components out of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, AR plate, and cold roll.

Certified Arc, Heli-Arc and M.I.G. Welding
ASME “U-Stamp” Holder
Metal inert gas (M.I.G.) welding
National Board “R-Stamp” Holder
Orbital welding
Shielded metal arc (SMA) welding
Tungsten inert gas (T.I.G.) welding

Custom Design Build
Custom Handrails
Custom prototypes
Food processing equipment
Machine guards
Stacks and hoods
Structural Steel
Trench drains

Millwright Work
25/35 Versa lift
40/60 Versa lift
Air skates
Hamar laser alignment
Machine skates
Production machinery installation

Custom Machine Shop
CNC Lathe
CNC Mill